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The Phantoms Lair

March 7, 2014 by ryanr213   

Suzyr's Rose

             You walk down a long narrow path leading down to a staircase. You breathe deeply through your nose and smell water and rats. You finally feel the wall stop and take a look around.Darkness… everywhere. Candles are around flickering, crying out for life. One area in particular has an unknown bright yellow beam coming down down on a throne.A broken fountain is behind this throne, frozen… still…The room is cold. No winds no movement except for a rat on the throne arm, nibbling a rock as if starving.       

              You walk a little farther, you trip and fall on what looks like a doll in a wight- perhaps getting married-. Its to dark to tell what it really was. When you hit the ground you hear rats scurrying away from the noise of you body hitting the cold dark floor. The silence is hard to feel comfortable in. You feel a wall to your right, it feels dusty and loose. You let it lead you to another trap door leading almost straight up. Its a hard climb but you mange to reach the top. It seems to be a bedroom, there is a girl in bed sleeping. Wait- whats that. A dark figure is next to the bed watching the woman. All you saw was a white mask.


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  1. jamesl413 says:

    “Candles are around flickering, crying out for life”. I like how you added personification to your story. great piece of writing.

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