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    September 6, 2013 by ryanr213


         The first time I played paintball was last year on my 12th birthday. I went in San Antonio before I moved here in Austin.I went with my dad who used to be on a team in paintball and 3 friends. The first game I didn’t know how to play so I just hid and ended up getting three guys out!!! Then I started getting real, ducking and rolling between protection and shooting anyone in sight. I loved the round were its kind of like a jungle area and I had to hide behind trees and ditches.     

         At the last round my friends and I teamed up. We had a lot of ammo left but we had to go after that round. We went all out!!! We charged sliding into protection then moved up taking out everyone in are path. My friends all got shot at one time and I dove behind a box for protection. I peeked out and three guys teamed up and were coming fast. I slowed aimed my barrel at them and shot a whole round.I hit the two on the left but the one on the right dodged them all came up behind me and shot 3 times in my back!!! I had welts with white in the middle, red around the white, and purple around that!!!!!

    Badlandz Paintball | Zac Wong Photography |
    Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Zac Wong via Compfight

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