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I was born in Chorpus Christi Texas on south padre island. I lived there for 6 years.Then I moved to San Antonio. I moved away from Chorpus when my brother turned one. I lived in San Antonio for 6 years also until moving here in Austin 2 months ago. I like the school here and the community is nice. I only have one real best friend and he lives in San Antonio. I am part of the wildcat football team. I play outside linebacker, tight end, and wide receiver x. My mom and dad are divorced for to years now. My dad now lives in Dallas. I visit him every other weekend. I live with my mom my sister my brother and my dog. I don’t have any real good friends here. I have a football game Monday and I am a little nervous. I am pretty good though. I love to play catch with my dad and shoot hoops out side. I also love to ride bikes and to hit the pool. I like the band at west ridge. I am in percussion. I can’t wait for are first concert!!


  1. Mrs. Bird says:

    Hi Ryan
    I’m a school teacher from Australia, taking part in the student blogging challenge. I teach mainly grade 5/6, and we’ve only ever done a class blog, so I’m very impressed with you guys who run a blog by yourselves.
    Your About Me page is really good, with lots of detail, without giving away anything that identifies you.
    I wonder if you’ve had your first band performance yet? Hope it went well.
    I’m looking forward to reading your blog as you go through the challenges each week.

    • ryanr213 says:

      Hi mrs. Bird. Thank you for visiting my blog and posting your band performance went well thank in 7th grade now though.

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