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March 24, 2014 by ryanr213   

The smell of funnel cake , the screaming people, the heart rushing rides; fiesta texas is a great place to be.

I lived in San Antonio for 5 years and nearly every year we had passes for the full year. We would about every other weekend. I know the park so well, i love everything. last year was the first year I could every ride in the park. the food is great and so are the holiday specials like Halloween they have shows and monsters all around the park. And on Christmas a huge Christmas tree.

One of the best parts in the whole place is the water park. The water park is only open in summer. It’s huge to only be open that long especially in Texas falls. I love the tornado but the lines are always so long. It’s still really fun and if you go in summer remember your swim suit.

Last and not least the roller coasters. I love them all. My favorites are the superman, Goliath, and the poltergeist.i just got tall enough to ride the goliathe and superman.i usually don’t ride in the front because the lines get long for that spot but in the Goliath it’s worth it. The poltergeist is really fast and fun . I love fiesta texas and going there with friends is the most fun. Fiesta texas is just a great place to be


  1. Mrs. Kriese says:

    I will never get on another roller coaster as long as I live, but I will definitely enjoy funnel cake and water parks! I agree with you on those two points!

  2. Mrs Bird says:

    Hi Ryan
    Fiesta Texas sounds really amazing! I’d love most of it but even though I’m tall enough, I don’t think I’d have the courage to go on Goliath or Superman.
    Have you checked out this week in the students blogging challenge? I’d be interested to see what you make of the digital footprint task, and the images one looks really interesting too.

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