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Westridge vs. Hill Country

December 1, 2013 by ryanr213   

I was on the football field at Westlake. We were about to kick the ball off. The ball was kicked and of I was gone. I raced down the field looking to make the tackle. I was coming in fast and was close so I slowed down slightly and turned to make the tackle when the other teams guy stepped on the back of my foot, ripping off my shoe. that wasn’t about to stop me, it did slow me down the second the shoe got ripped off so suddenly I was behind him chasing him down with one shoe. I didn’t get the tackle and then the buzzer rang for half time and our team ran down the field to a corner of the endzone while I ran the opposite way to get my shoe and dash down back to my team.Not to long after that i was on the sideline as are team was getting real close to the endzone. The coach looked at me and said ” this is your play so go out there and make a touchdown, the play is 12 belly,”. I ran down and told the quarter back the play. it was my first run in a game. I was so positive on making this touch down. “DOWN, GO!!,” yelled the quarter back. i ran up to recieve the ball when I noticed they had fumbled it. i swiftly picked it up and did what I could which wasn’t a lot considering the whole other team was on top of me. I was so mad, the last game and my touch down was stolen from me.


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