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How did the moon follows home?

November 7, 2013 by ryanr213   

We were in chorpus leaving a restaurant when I pointed out the full moon. My little brother was about 5. He was in awe. The ride home was kind of long. When we finally reached are grandmas house (that we were staying with for the weekend) my brother turned his head to the sky and asked, “how did the moon follow us home”?!he thought cit had literally moved around to follow us home. He didn’t understand why we started to giggle. We explained to him that it was so high up that we can see from just about anywhere we go exept the other half of the world. He was tired and to be honest didn’t really care anymore. I liked that he asked the question because he really didn’t understand.


  1. lucyu555 says:

    Aww, that is adorable, I use to think that all the time when I was little. Admit it, you did too

  2. asherw624 says:

    Do you remember in 4th grade when we went to Chorpus? I thought that was one of the best field trips.

    • ryanr213 says:

      I just moved here so i wouldn’t know but how is that related to the my brother thinking the moon would follow us home?

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